Term and conditions


The reservation becomes final only upon receipt of a deposit of an amount corresponding to 30% of the benefit. The payment of the deposit seal the contract between the restaurateur and hotelier client, who accepts these terms and conditions of sale.
The deposit is the amount paid by a customer before delivery of the goods or before the completion of the provision of service. The abandonment of the deposit constitutes abandonment of a contract. In the case of a sale, the buyer and reserves the right not to proceed (in which case the seller retains the compensation in the deposit)
The deposit is governed by Article 1590 of the Civil Code “If the promise to sell has been made with a deposit each Contracting master is to divest, the one who gave them losing them and the one who received them returning double.
When booking with payment of a deposit will be confirmed in writing (mail or email)
If this information has not been delivered to you, these Terms and Conditions are still applicable.


In the case of an individual residence booking if cancellation occurs within 1 month of the due date, the deposit is retained in full.

In the case of a group stay reservation (at least 3 bedrooms) if cancellation occurs within 3 months of arrival, the deposit is retained in full.
In the case of a change to the service during the stay (reducing the number of nights, people oude rooms) the deposit is returned in full, but the original booking remains the basis of any invoice.

Rules of stay

Our hotel is completely non-smoking (even the bedroom windows). Our outdoor seating is available.

Consumption of food is prohibited in the rooms.
The rooms are ready from 17h and must be vacated by 10:30 at the latest on the day of departure.
Any damage (damage, breakage, hole, permanent stains …) will be paid at your departure (the amount corresponding to the invoice of the damaged equipment or the rehabilitation of it