Histoire du Café Brochier

The history of Café Brochier in Saint Julien en Vercors

Raymond Brochier is the founder of Café Brochier; he left his mark on the history of the village of Saint Julien en Vercors in the nineteenth century. He was born in Saint Julien en Beauchene in the Hautes Alpes in 1829. He then embraced a teaching career. February 28, 1852 Saint Julien en Vercors Board gathered to choose the public school teacher, and nominated Sieur Brochier as the village teacher. September 24, 1853, Raymond Brochier married his wife, Marie Rosalie Breyton. They had seven children: Achilles, Adrian, Melina, Hortense, Emilie, Elise and Lydia.

In the 50s the cemetery was transferred from the village center (around the church) to its current location. Brochier Raymond drew the plans of the new cemetery and oversaw its construction in detail. In 1859 he became lieutenant of the Company Fire Brigade and president of the Society of Mutual Aid. In 1864 he retired from teaching to turn to other activities, including merchant.


Until the 60s, the fountain was located where Café Brochier currently is. The fountain is now located on private property and belongs to Raymond Brochier. In 1865 the City Council determined that the public square was too small and the fountain was impeding traffic. He decided to have an exchange of land and thus recovered that of Mr. Brochier to build the new fountain and to insert a new public square. The exchange made, Raymond Brochier decided to build his house on his new plot. The work will last one year, from 1866 to 1867.

In the 1880s it was probably he who decided to open a business and create what will become the Café Brochier but he never entered into the café business. After his death it was his son, Achille (1854-1930) and his grandson Leon (1888-1937) then his grand granddaughter Georgette that took over the café and the grocery. The café will be closed in the 60s, while the grocery remained till Georgette’s death in 1998.

After 8 years of closure Café Brochier reopened in June 2006 and kept the name of Café Brochier.

L'histoire du café Brochier à Saint Julien en Vercors

The history of the restaurant frescoes

Born in Alès in the Gard in 1863, Louis Guigon is a house painter in Marseille. He moved to Villard de Lans in 1900 to treat his asthma and paint for fun roads of the Vercors.

In 1912 he painted the frescoes Café Brochier representing the scenic roads of the Vercors, the Great bottlenecks and the Gorges de la Bourne. It will have 4 children: Alexis , France, Gabriel and Ernest . The last two will resume his father’s business